Prediksi Soal UTBK TPS – Pengetahuan dan Pemahaman Umum Bahasa Inggris 2020

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SBMPTN sebentar lagi, soal-soal harus segera dikuasai. Makanya, kamu harus gercep alias gerak cepat. Nah, Bagi kamu yang saat ini masih bingung mencari soal-soal SBMPTN, tampaknya kamu berada di website yang tepat. 

Kali ini, akan membahas Prediksi UTBK SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris 2020. Kabar baiknya, latihan soal yang disediakan, lengkap dengan jawaban beserta pembahasannya, lho. Semakin penasaran? Kuy, segera kerjakan soalnya!

Latihan Soal 1

Read the passage below.

Malnutrition among children in refugee is a critical public health concern due to the heightened vulnerability. The rate of malnutrition in refugees’ camp needs to be viewed as not just a health issue but as a serious protection and access to basic rights failure. The magnitude of acute malnutrition among refugee camps in Ethiopia is relatively well-documented. A nutritional survey done in 2014 among south Sudanese refugee camps showed that the prevalence of acute malnutrition was almost two-fold the emergency threshold of 15%.

Acute malnutrition is not only a condition that kills but also has long term health and developmental consequences among recovered children after receiving appropriate treatment. These long term consequences include an increased risk of stunted growth, impaired cognitive development and a greater chance of developing non-communicable diseases in adulthood. This demonstrates that it is of utmost importance to invest not only in the treatment of acute malnutrition but also in its prevention.

The problem, as well as the solution to malnutrition, is multi-faceted. In addition to an actual shortage of food; poor sanitation, a lack of available potable water, caring practices and insufficient health services are all significant factors contributing to the population’s overall nutritional status and health. There is no single silver bullet that will instantly eradicate malnutrition from the refugee camps but only through a holistic approach and strong group effort. Effective policies and programs to alleviate malnutrition requires an understanding of the determinants of acute malnutrition in the refugee camps.

Adapted from:

Which of the following can best replace the word magnitude in “The magnitude of acute malnutrition …” (paragraph 1)?

  1. capacity
  2. importance
  3. weight
  4. amount
  5. power

Jawaban: D


Untuk menemukan kata yang dapat menggantikan kata lain di dalam kalimat, temukanlah sinonim katanya. Sinonim kata magnitude dapat dipahami dari frasa di kalimat selanjutnya, yaitu … was almost two-fold the emergency threshold of 15%. Frasa ini menunjukkan persentase atau jumlah, sehingga magnitude merujuk pada jumlah malnutrisi akut (acute malnutrition) pada teks. Jadi, kata magnitude dapat digantikan oleh kata amount pada kalimat soal karena sama-sama bermakna ‘jumlah’.

Kata pada pilihan lain masing masing memiliki arti: weight = berat, importance= penting, power: tenaga, dan capacity = kapasitas.

Latihan Soal 2

Read the passage below.

When exploratory divers discovered the underwater Mexican cave site known as Hoyo Negro, the conditions of the cave were so pristine and stable, but there was evidence that at least one person had been inside the cave before the divers: A Paleoamerican girl nicknamed Naia, who had fallen to her death while presumably collecting water from the cave during the late Pleistocene era, between 13,000 and 12,000 years ago. The divers found her skeleton, as well as the remains of several Ice Age animals, on the cave floor. According to Rissolo and project co-director, James Chatters, it was like the La Brea tar pits without the tar.

This remarkable discovery represents the first and only example of human remains found in direct association with extinct megafauna in the Americas, says Rissolo, who is a visiting scholar at UC San Diego from the Waitt Institute and a research associate at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The remains of two gomphotheres (extinct elephant-like creatures), two Shasta ground sloths, a pair of saber-toothed cats and numerous other animals were also found with Naia in the underwater pit, which measures 200 feet in diameter and is located in the far Southeast of the country, on the Yucután Peninsula.

Computer science Ph.D. student Vid Petrovic – a member of the Center’s Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program in cultural heritage diagnostics – is using photos taken by the scientific dive team to create 3D structure-from-motion (SfM) models of the cave site, and he has used the same technique to recreate Naia’s mandible.

SfM is an imaging technique that, in this case, uses two-dimensional photographs taken underwater at the cave site. Petrovic tracks and aligns features in the photos (such as corner points) to ‘stitch together’ and reconstruct the objects digitally in 3D.

Rissolo says that given the proper lighting, camera set-up and protocols, SfM is a relatively straightforward and cost-effective imaging and visualization method, especially for documenting archaeological sites that are not easily accessible or are threatened with destruction, either natural or human-derived.

Adapted from:

According to the text, what remains are not found in Hoyo Negro? The remains of…

  1. gomphotheras
  2. elephants
  3. Shasta ground sloths
  4. saber-toothed cats
  5. Paleoamerican girl

Jawaban: B


Pilihan jawaban pada soal ini dapat dijadikan kata kunci untuk menemukan informasi spesifik yang ditanyakan. Perhatikan bahwa hampir semua frasa atau kata pada pilihan jawaban disebutkan pada paragraf kedua kalimat kedua: The remains of two gomphotheras (extinct elephant-like creatures), two Shasta ground sloths, a pair of saber-toothed cats and numerous other animals were also found with Naia in the underwater pit, ….

Pada kalimat ini, frasa underwater pit merujuk pada the underwater Mexican cave site known as Hoyo Negro atau gua bawah laut yang dikenal dengan Hoyo Negro (paragraf pertama kalimat pertama). Selain itu, kata ‘Naia’ jika di-scan pada teks terdapat pada klausa: a Paleoamerican girl nicknamed Naia (paragraf pertama kalimat pertama). Artinya, Naia adalah nama seorang gadis. Berdasarkan informasi tersebut dapat diketahui bahwa sisa-sisa (tulang-belulang/fosil) dua gomphotheras (makhluk seperti gajah yang sudah punah), dua kungkang tanah jenis Shasta, sepasang kucing bergigi tajam, dan sejumlah binatang lain juga ditemukan bersama Naia di Hoyo Negro.

Jadi, sisa-sisa tulang-belulang/fosil yang tidak ditemukan di Hoyo Negro adalah gajah (elephants). Pahami bahwa yang ditemukan di Hoyo Negro adalah binatang-binatang pada zaman es (Ice Age animals), salah satunya makhluk yang dinamakan gomphotheras (makhluk seperti gajah yang sudah punah), bukan gajah (elephants) yang dikenal pada zaman sekarang ini.

Latihan Soal 3

Read the passage below.

          The study of songbirds has revealed a variety of fundamental properties of biological systems. In particular, neurobiological studies carried out in songbirds have revealed the presence of newly born neurons in the adult brain, how steroid hormones affect brain development, the neural and mechanistic bases of vocalizations, and how experience modifies neuronal physiology. More evidently, however, songbirds have been extensively used as a model for imitative vocal learning, a behavior thought to be a substrate for speech acquisition in humans. Now an international consortium has unveiled the genome of the zebra finch (Taeniopygia Guttata).

          Sequencing the zebra finch genome was initiated in 2005 under the Large Scale Genome Sequencing Program of the National Human Genome Research Institute. The prior work in the research community characterizing the zebra finch brain transcriptase. These initiatives, along with new zebra finch genome sequences, have resulted in the complete genome sequenced with 17,475 protein-coding genes identified, as well as regulatory regions and non-coding RNAs. The annotation and sequence coverage of the zebra finch genome will certainly be refined in the years to come, but the initial endeavor is expected to provide a unique platform for modern genomics research in this organism. Furthermore, this initial snapshot of the songbird genome should provide critical insights into fundamental scientific questions, including an array of physiological and evolutionary processes.

Adapted from:

From the sentence ‘… songbirds have been extensively used as a model for imitative vocal learning, ….’ in paragraph 1, it can be stated that…

  1. Songbirds are good models of vocal learning.
  2. Human can practice vocal learning through songbird.
  3. Songbirds are observed intensively by the scientist.
  4. Songbirds imitate human’s speech.
  5. Human speech acquisition in inspired by songbird.

Jawaban: A


Kalimat soal songbirds have been extensively used as a model for imitative vocal learning dapat diartikan bahwa burung berkicau telah banyak digunakan sebagai model untuk pembelajaran vokal imitatif. Kata extensively pada kalimat soal ini juga dapat diartikan sebagai sering. Dengan seringnya burung berkicau digunakan, hal ini berarti burung berkicau telah terbukti bagus untuk dijadikan model dalam pembelajaran vokal (good models of vocal learning).

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah songbirds are good models of vocal learning.

Latihan Soal 4

What will man be like in the future – in 5000 or even 50,000 years from now? We can only make a guess, of course, but we can be sure that he will be different from what he is today. From man is slowly changing all the time. Let us take an obvious example. Man, even five hundred years ago, was shorter than he is today. Now, on average, men are about three inches taller. Five hundred is a relatively short period of time, so we may assume that man will continue to grow taller. Again, in the modern world, we use our brains a great deal. Even so, we still make use of only about 20% of the brain capacity. As time goes on, however, we shall have to use our brains more and more – and eventually we shall need larger ones! This is likely to bring about a physical change too; the head, in particular the forehead, will grow larger.

Nowadays our eyes are in constant use. In fact, we use them so much that very often they become weaker and we have to wear glasses. But over a very long period of time, it is likely that man’s eyes will grow stronger. On the other hand, we tend to make less use of our arms and legs. These, as a result, are likely to grow weaker. At the same time, however, our fingers will grow more sensitive because they are used a great deal in modern life. But what about hair? This will probably disappear from the body altogether in the course of time because it does not serve a useful purpose any longer. In the future, then, both sexes are likely to be bald.

Perhaps all this gives the impression that future man will not a very attractive creature to look at! This may well be true. All the same, in spite of these changes, future man will still have a lot of common with us. He will still be a human being, with thoughts and emotions that resemble us.

Taken from: www.platea.pntic.mec

According to the text, which of the following statements is TRUE about the man?

  1. It takes a few decades for man to be taller.
  2. The development of man’s brain does not affect his physical development.
  3. Modern people are using the full capacity of their brains.
  4. Within a decade, man has become three inches taller.
  5. It can be expected that future man will be taller.

Jawaban: E


Pernyataan it can be expected that future man will be taller benar karena sesuai dengan pernyataan so we may assume that man will continue to grow taller pada paragraf pertama kalimat ketujuh.

Pernyataan lain salah karena: butuh waktu lebih dari 500 tahun bagi manusia menjadi lebih tinggi (sekitar 3 inci) (kalimat keempat dan kelima paragraf pertama); perkembangan otak kemungkinan akan mempengaruhi perkembangan fisiknya terutama dahi yang akan menjadi lebih besar (kalimat terakhir paragraf pertama); manusia modern baru menggunakan sekitar 20% dari kapasitas otaknya (kalimat kesembilan paragraf pertama).

Latihan Soal 5

Read the passage below.

          Everyone knows the basics about Santa, the jolly man in a red suit that delivers gifts at Christmas. How a small town near the Arctic Circle in Finland became known as his “official hometown” proves a less familiar twist to the story. Santa was a marketing gimmick, based on a third-century, ancient bishop from Turkey known for secretly giving away his large inheritance. His random acts of kindness didn’t go unnoticed, earning sainthood and global celebration on the date of his death, December 6. This story of Saint Nicolas then traveled with Dutch immigrants to the US, where “Sinterklaas” was moulded into the visual image of Santa we all recognize today. Without much of a backstory to Santa Claus, an illustration in Harpers magazine from 1866 is credited with establishing the legend of his home at the “North Pole.”

          In 1927, Markus Rautio–a Finnish radio broadcaster known as “Uncle Marcus”–claimed on-air that Santa’s workshop was discovered in Rovaniemi, Finland. The government of the province, Lapland, declared itself “Santa Claus Land” decades later to boost tourism. Santa Claus Village opened just outside Rovaniemi in 1985. Of course, there are other places that lay claim to a Santa or Saint Nick association: Korvatunturi, Finland, claims to be his real home and that Rovaniemi was just created for tourists. The Church of Saint Nicolas in Demre, Turkey, contains his sarcophagus but not his bones. There’s a multitude of pop-ups around the world, but the Santa in Rovaniemi differs in that the man is marketed as the original, and tourists can visit him throughout the year.

          Christmas lasts all year round in Rovaniemi, a place of anticipation. Even the hardcore cynic will be moved by the “Christmas Spirit.” After visiting Santa, families can dine in the snowglobe atmosphere of the Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar in Snowman World. Leaving from the Elf’s Yard, kids can cross the Arctic Circle with traditional Lappish wooden skis. The region forms part of the natural habitat for roaming reindeer–unlike the North Pole.

          Santa Claus’s Main Post Office, with a special Arctic Circle stamp, received about half a million letters last year. In reality, this figure is much higher since post offices around the world have their own systems of dealing with letters addressed to Santa. Santa in Rovaniemi received 18 million letters from 199 different countries to date, and at Christmastime, can receive 32,000 letters per day, with the most letters arriving from China. An official reply from Santa Claus will set people back more than 10 dollars (8.90 euros). It is free to see him, but tourists can’t take photos or videos, although you can buy the official one. In high season (November through March), prices reach more than 50 dollars (45 euros).

Adapted from:

The second paragraph mainly talks about…

  1. the discocery of Santa’s workshop
  2. the description of Rovaniemi, Finland
  3. Santa Clause’s original village
  4. Millions letters for Santa Clause every year
  5. Uncle Marcus’s claim over Santa Clause village

Jawaban: C


Paragraf kedua membahas tentang klaim bengkel Santa Clause (Santa’s workshop) yang ada di Rovaniemi, Finland yang kemudian diklaim sebagai Santa Claus Land untuk mendongkrak sektor pariwisata di tempat tersebut. Ada pula kota Korvatunturi yang mengklaim sebagai desa Santa yang asli. Gereja di Demre Turki pun menyimpan sarkofagus Santa namun tidak ditemukan tulang belulangnya di gereja tersebut. Meskipun beberapa tempat diklaim sebagai desa Santa atau tempat Santa, namun hanya Rovaniemilah yang memasarkan Santa sebagai sosok yang asli dan para wisatawan dapat mengunjunginya sepanjang tahun. Hal ini berarti Rovaniemi dapat dikatakana desa Santa yang asli. Oleh karena itu, paragraf kedua ini kebanyakan membicarakan mengenai desa asli Santa Clause.

Sementara itu, pokok bahasan pada paragraf lainnya adalah sebagai berikut.

Paragraf 1: ulasan tentang Santa Clause.

Paragraf 3: deskripsi Rovaniemi yang menarik.

Paragraf 4: jutaan surat untuk Santa Clause tahun lalu yang ada di kantor pos Santa Clause.

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah Santa Clause’s original village.

Latihan Soal 6

Read the following text.

Over the past 115 years global average temperatures have increased 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, leading to record-breaking weather events and temperature extremes, the report says. The global, long-term warming trend is “unambiguous,” it says, and there is “no convincing alternative explanation” that anything other than humans — the cars we drive, the power plants we operate, the forests we destroy — are to blame.

The report was approved for release by the White House, but the findings come as the Trump administration is defending its climate change policies. The United Nations convenes its annual climate change conference next week in Bonn, Germany, and the American delegation is expected to face harsh criticism over President Trump’s decision to walk away from the 195-nation Paris climate accord and top administration officials’ stated doubts about the causes and impacts of a warming planet.

While there were pockets of resistance to the report in the Trump administration, according to climate scientists involved in drafting the report, there was little appetite for a knockdown fight over climate change among Mr. Trump’s top advisers, who are intensely focused on passing a tax reform bill — an effort they think could determine the fate of his presidency.

Adapted from:

The author is primarily concerned with…

  1. the record-breaking weather events and temperature extremes
  2. the effort and fate Trump’s presidency
  3. the climate report released by the White House
  4. the decision taken by US delegation in the climate change conference
  5. the United Nation annual climate conference in paris

Jawaban: D


Fokus penulis di dalam teks dapat terlihat dari mayoritas informasi yang dijelaskan. Pada paragraf pertama, penulis membuka bahasan teks dengan menyebutkan adanya kenaikan rata-rata temperatur bumi berdasarkan suatu laporan, juga disebutkan mengenai beberapa penyebabnya. Di paragraf kedua, penulis memfokuskan pada sikap yang diambil oleh perwakilan dari Amerika Serikat yang memutuskan untuk meninggalkan konferensi terlepas dari betapa pentingnya bagi setiap negara untuk mendukung penyelamatan lingkungan dari pemanasan global. Pernyataan ini terdapat pada kalimat terakhir: … and the American delegation is expected to face harsh criticism over President Trump’s decision to walk away …. Terakhir, di paragraf ketiga penulis menuliskan bahwa para penasihat Presiden Trump lebih fokus pada reformasi pajak daripada memikirkan solusi terhadap perubahan iklim.

Berdasarkan informasi-informasi dari setiap paragraf, terlihat bahwa teks secara umum membahas mengenai keputusan yang diambil oleh delegasi Amerika Serikat dalam konferensi perubahan iklim (the decision taken by the US delegation in the climate change conference).

Latihan Soal 7

Read the following passage.

        The story of Dara Puspita, an Indonesian all-female band that was famous in the 1960s, is set to be made into a biopic by production house FP. FP producer Frederica said she believed the Surabaya-based band’s story deserved to be told on the big screen. “We think it’s important, especially because at that time they were the only Indonesian all-female band that performed in dozens of European cities,” Frederica told

        Expected to be released in 2020, the production house is currently still conducting research. “Their story will be very inspiring,” said Frederica, who expressed optimism the film would set a new trend in the industry, which she said lacked, films about local musicians. The band has reportedly given consent for the adaptation. Drummer Titiek Hamzah also expressed hopes the film would show the band’s stories and struggles. “It needs to represent what a musician’s journey is like,” she said. The journey of Dara Puspita began from the 1960s to the early 1970s. In 1965, they became the opening act for legendary band Koes Bersaudara under the name Irama Puspita. Among their popular tracks were “A Go Go”, “Burung Kakaktua” and “Tanah Airku”.

Adapted from:

How does the author organize the passage? By…

  1. exposing the news about the film then explaining its values
  2. exposing the reason behind the making of the film and explaining the plot
  3. explaining the purpose of the film and the targets of the producer
  4. describing the film and explaining the members of Dara Puspita Band
  5. describing Dara Puspita Band and explaining its next project

Jawaban: A


Untuk menjawab pertanyaan ini, pahami ide pokok paragraf 1 dan 2.

Paragraf 1 → memaparkan berita tentang rencana pembuatan film Dara Puspita yang akan dibuat oleh rumah produksi FP (the story of Dara Puspita, an Indonesian all-female band that was famous in the 1960s, is set to be made into a biopic by production house FP). Selain itu, perwakilan dari rumah produksi FP menyatakan kepada salah satu situs berita bahwa pembuatan film ini penting mengingat Dara Puspita adalah grup musik wanita satu-satunya Indonesia yang tampil di berbagai kota di Eropa (kalimat terakhir).

Paragraf 2 → berisi tentang nilai-nilai yang ingin disampaikan lewat film ini, bahwa ceritanya akan menginspirasi dan diyakini akan memberikan tren terbaru dalam industri film dengan menampilkan kisah mengenai musisi lokal (their story will be very inspiring,” said Frederica, who expressed optimism the film would set a new trend in the industry, which she said lacked, films about local musicians). Dengan demikian, dapat diketahui bahwa penulis menyusun teks ini dengan memunculkan berita tentang rencana pembuatan film Dara Puspita dan menjelaskan nilai-nilai yang akan disajikan dalam film ini.

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah exposing the news about the film and explaining its values.

Latihan Soal 8

Read the passage below.

In 1979, two British farmers reported that, while sitting on a hill, they suddenly saw the crops below flattened in a perfect circle. They inferred that some great force must have come down directly from above to squash the corn and barley. This started a public hysteria about so-called crop circles. The patterns pressed into the crops (not all of them were circles) seemed to have no entry or exit points. Many people hypothesized that only alien spaceships could make such bizarre imprints.

Others, including Britain’s police, assailed such wild conclusions. They had a contrary theory: Someone was playing a big hoax. Teams of investigators took samples of the plants and the soil, trying to objectively analyze the crop circles as if they were a crime scene.

Public curiosity often impaired the investigators, who had to tolerate busloads of tourists flocking to the circles. The farmers in the area, long suspicious of the police, approached the case as an instance of police versus the people. If the local farmers knew the circles were a hoax, they wouldn’t say so.

Taken from: McGraw-Hill’s Must-Have Words p. 141

Which of the following can be inferred from the statement ‘Many people hypothesized that only alien spaceships could make such bizarre imprints’ in the first paragraph?

  1. The phenomenon interest lots of tourist to sightsee the crops.
  2. The government believes that someone was playing a big hoax.
  3. The crops seemed to have no entry or exit points.
  4. Most people do not believe that humans are able to make crop circles.
  5. Some great force must have come down directly from above to make the crops.

Jawaban: D


Pernyataan many people hypothesized that only alien spaceships could make such bizarre imprints membicarakan mengenai hipotesa kebanyakan orang yang menyebutkan bahwa hanya makhluk luar angkasa sejenis alien yang hanya bisa membuat jejak aneh tersebut. Pahami bahwa frasa such bizarre imprints merujuk pada crop circles yang disebutkan di kalimat sebelum pernyataan soal. Selain itu, kata kerja hypothesized merupakan kata kerja yang menggambarkan suatu hipotesa atau dugaan. Berdasarkan hal ini dapat dipahami bahwa pernyataan pada soal mengindikasikan bahwa kebanyakan orang tidak mempercayai kemampuan manusia bisa membuat hal seperti crop circles ini–yang kemudian menyebabkan mereka berhipotesa mengenai alien.

Jadi, pilihan jawaban yang paling tepat adalah most people do not believe that humans are able to make the crop circles.

Latihan Soal 9

“She dances….(beauty-beautiful-beautifully-beautified beautify).”

To answer that question, we need to do … techniques in reading.

  1. cloze procedure
  2. vocabulary improvement
  3. reading
  4. scanning
  5. understanding the sentence

Jawaban: A


That kind of question is using derivatives form. That’s why we have to do a cloze procedure and know exactly about parts of speech.

Latihan Soal 10

Read the following text.

Dangerous as anger can be, it is also natural, even necessary, and has been hard-wired into the brain by evolution. Most obviously, anger helped people survive. As soon as this survival was threatened, anger was triggered, along with violent defensive action. More surprisingly, perhaps, anger also helped early humans to live together in groups, acting as a kind of warning signal in the form of threatening facial expressions, clenched fists, reddening cheeks, and so on. This lets others know that their behavior was unacceptable, that they were invading someone’s personal space and that they risked physical retaliation.

At first glance, anger seems relatively simple. Ask the man in the street to define it and he will probably say ‘it’s what happens when people annoy you.’ But anger can take many forms and has numerous different triggers. And what infuriates one person may pass by another unnoticed. One individual can make her way through a bustling crowd, or sit next to a screaming child, and seem perfectly relaxed. But if someone questions her political beliefs, or disrupts her plans, she will fly into an uncontrollable rage.

For some, anger is triggered more by petty annoyances than by major catastrophes. They will be calm and methodical during a bereavement, for example, or when traveling to the hospital for an operation, but as soon as the neighbor’s car alarm goes off, or the printer runs out of ink, they explode. For others, it is threats to their money, property, status or time that act as the major catalyst. They may let the petty irritations go, but if their car is scratched or their authority questioned, they become enraged.

Finally, some will laugh off both petty irritations and threats to their money or status. For them, rule-breaking is the most infuriating thing. This is especially true of those with obsessive-compulsive or autistic traits: people who like and need things to be regular and ordered. And such rules can be more like vague, unspoken agreements. For example, someone may be sensitive about their acne or low income. Friends understand this and so the subject is never raised. One evening, someone makes a harmless remark and is shocked to see their friend explode with rage. But it wasn’t the fact that his low income or bad skin had been mentioned, nor even that he felt humiliated; his anger was sparked because someone had broken the rules.

Taken from:

From the passage, it can be summed up that…

  1. Some people get angry for small or serious things and some others might get angry, not due to small or serious matters, but because people ask them what they do not like to be asked.
  2. Most people get angry with something they cannot control or predict, or something they are very sensitive to.
  3. Some people get angry for small things, while some get angry for more serious matters.
  4. Amongst many conditions that make people angry, the most frequent reason is when people raise a topic that relates to the person’s bad experience in the past.
  5. For an obsessive-compulsive person or someone with autistic traits, he/she can get angry when someone has broken the rules by, for example messing up the order or regulation and not doing what they are asked to do.

Jawaban: C


Rangkuman teks dapat diketahui dengan memahami ide pokok tiap paragraf. Untuk teks ini, ide pokok tiap paragrafnya adalah sebagai berikut.

Paragraf 1 → mengenai rasa marah yang dimiliki oleh setiap orang (Everyone has anger, and it is an act of survival).

Paragraf 2 → mengenai bentuk-bentuk rasa marah dan pemicunya (Anger can take many forms and has different triggers).

Paragraf 3 → mengenai hal apa saja yang dapat membuat orang marah (Some people get angry for small things, while some get angry during major catastrophe).

Paragraf 4 → masih mengenai hal apa saja yang dapat membuat orang marah (Some people with obsessive-compulsive traits have rules on what they can be asked and what they cannot be asked. They can get angry if other people break this rule).

Setelah memahami ide pokok tiap paragraf, perhatikan pilihan jawaban.

  • Amongst many conditions that make people angry, the most frequent reason is when people raise a topic that relates to the person’s bad experience in the past. → Tidak mewakili keseluruhan isi teks.
  • For an obsessive-compulsive person or someone with autistic traits, he/she can get angry when someone has broken the rules by, for example messing up the order or regulation and not doing what they are asked to do. → Salah karena hanya mencakup isi paragraf terakhir.
  • Most people get angry with something they cannot control or predict, or something they are very sensitive to. → Salah karena hanya mencakup isi paragraf 2.
  • Some people get angry for small things, while some get angry for more serious matters. → Salah karena tidak mencakup isi paragraf terakhir.

Ingat kembali bahwa rangkuman teks harus mencakup isi keseluruhan teks. Jadi, pernyataan yang benar untuk merangkum isi teks pada nomor ini adalah pilihan jawaban some people get angry for small or serious things and some other might get angry not due to small or serious matter, but because people ask them what they do not like to be asked. Pilihan jawaban ini merangkum isi paragraf pertama sampai terakhir teks.

Bagaimana, apakah kamu sudah mulai paham mengerjakan Prediksi UTBK SBMPTN Bahasa Inggris 2020 di atas? Agar pemahamanmu semakin terasah, sering-seringlah mengerjakan Latihan Soal. Ingat, selangkah lagi kamu akan memasuki PTN impian. 

Untuk mendukung kesuksesanmu masuk PTN, Quipper Video hadir dengan Paket Intensif UTBK SBMPTN 2020. Semua kebutuhan sudah tersedia di dalamnya, mulai dari materi persiapan, materi pemantapan, Latihan Soal, bank soal, hingga pembahasan lengkapnya. Jadi, tunggu apalagi. Yuk, gabung Quipper Video sekarang!

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